A Nerd-Sexy Bikini Made from Old Electronics, and More from TreeHugger

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This week we talk about how to return to a low-tech life to keep your sanity, 11 awesome modular gadget designs, a wheatgrass-growing "bio computer" and more!


1. Top 10 Tech Stories This Week: Brilliant Alarm Clock, Solar iPad Covers, Modular Gadgets, Low-Tech Reading and More
Let's start off with a collection of stories you don't want to miss from last week. Catch up quick!

2. Pebble Watch and the Future Smart Home
The folks behind Pebble managed to raise a startling $10 million on Kickstarter for their "smart watch" but new compatibility updates might make it perfect for future smart homes.

3. Bikini Made of E-waste Makes Bold Statement About Women in Technology
Some people think that getting women engaged in technology will come if we blend it with fashion. Two artists have come up with a way to point out the problems with this strategy.

4. How to Make 3D-Printed Circuit Boards And An LED Flashlight
3D printing is becoming more and more approachable for the average Maker, and with that accessibility comes really cool projects like being able to print your own electronics which is cheaper and greener.

5. How Returning to a Low Tech Life Might Just Keep You Sane
In a time when technology is changing faster than most of us can get a handle on it, David Maddalena celebrates the old, lasting low-tech gadgets, places and thoughts that keep us sane.

6. 11 Modular Gadget Designs, from Wild Concepts to the Humble Earphones
Modular design is a new wave of technology, with the potential to make gadgets smaller, more effiecient and easier to use, upgrade and replace.


7. 'Bio Computer' Blends Tech and Organic to Grow Wheatgrass
A self-described geek harvests the waste-heat of a computer tower to grow wheatgrass in his basement.

8. Device Turns Your Sneaker into a Portable Cell Phone Charger
A piezoelectric technology developed by a Kenyan inventor uses your shoe to charge your gadgets while you walk.


9. iRepairDoc Offers Same-Day iPhone Fixes, Will Even Come to Your Door
This repair service will get your phone back to you on the same day they receive it — and will even make home doctor visits. If they can't fix it, you pay nothing.

10. Solar iPad Case Extends Battery Life to 10 Days
The KudoCase for iPad is a new class of solar-powered case that protects your tablet while also extending the batter life to 10 days before it needs to be recharged.



ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Bear Privilege is a Liberal Hoax


Why does sexiness have to be a prerequisite of EVERYTHING we do? I mean, the goal of this bikini-thing is admirable, but it's such a fucking wash because this kind of shit does. not. work. The way to get more girls into tech is not to MAKE SCIENCE SMEXY, or make cutesy pink versions of everything, or any bullshit like that. You do it by sending the message that being tech-savvy does not make you less of a woman, and that you can have goals in life that have nothing to do with inducing boners. It's the complete opposite of this stupid piece... it's by saying that we have value outside of how good we look in a bikini.

Jesus Tapdancing Christ.