Copycat Smart Sand Can Mimic and Replace Any Object and More from TreeHugger

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This week we share our Best of Green Awards winners for technology, teach you to make heat-blocking curtains for $6, give you two iPhone repair tips, and more!


1. Pigeons Could Poop Soap, Thanks to a Special Diet
A plan to alter what pigeons eat to turn their feces into soap, to clean up buildings and car windshields raises ethical, legal and practical questions.

2. Best of Green: Technology
What's the best concept gadget, slim laptop, eco app? Find these and more in our 2012 Best of Green Awards in Technology.

3. How to Make Heat Blocking Curtains for $6
This easy DIY project will save you money and reduce energy consumption by making less work for your air conditioner.

4. Black Solar Cell Absorbs 99.7% of All Light
Scientists over at Natcore Tech have created the world's "blackest" solar cell to date. With an average reflectance of 0.3%, these black silicon wafers absorb more light than any other, which means more of the sun's energy gets converted to energy.

5. Street Lamp and Fitness Equipment Blend Into Smart Lighting Concept
An unusual design dreams up how to combine all the joggers on the road with renewable electricity for better public lighting.

6. New Smart Meter Technology Can Tell Your Appliances Apart
A new smart meter technology is able to distinguish a TV from a refrigerator and all of the other power loads in a house so users can more fully understand their energy use habits and how to change them.


7. Google Glasses: Vaporware, Next Big Thing, Helpful Green Gadget, or Accident Waiting to Happen?
The internet is buzzing with the news that a new concept from Google, augmented reality glasses, is in the works. But will this new technology help us or hinder us?

8. Visualize Climate Change Data with Free iPhone App from NASA
Broaden your understanding of the Earth's changing climate with stunning visualizations of global climate data displayed on a 3D model of the Earth, right on your iPhone.


9. Repair Is Green: Two Simple iPhone Repairs You Can Do at Home
Not ready to upgrade from your iPhone 4? Here are a couple of simple, inexpensive repairs you can perform at home to get your phone back up to snuff.

10. Smart Sand Can Duplicate Any Object, Replace Broken Parts
MIT researchers are working on a smart sand technology that can assemble itself into any shape. It could be used to form new objects or replace broken parts, all while being infinitely reusable.




Smart sand eventually become foglets which eventually become ... ??? profit?