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With Comcast upping its speeds to 50Mbps in a few markets, Verizon's gotta roll out a big, round number to compete, so they've announced, and then hedged, the upcoming rollout of 100Mbps FiOS service, starting hopefully in 2009.


Verizon technology director Vincent O'Byrne declared 2009 the year America finally breaks the 100Mbps barrier that Hong Kongers have, well, long since passed. O'Byrne was quick to note that the bump in speed isn't really essential to most Verizon customers, but that the number represents more of a marketing milestone that could give them a one-up on chief competitor Comcast.

Later, a Verizon spokesperson contacted Telephony Online, the original reporter, to perform some spectacular hedging: "Verizon expects to have its delivery processes for speeds like that locked down in 2009 so that service with speeds approaching 100 Mb/s would be enabled in the very near future," the spokesperson said. So Verizon is going to hit that landmark 100Mbps soon, but it appears for now there's no guarantee. No pricing was made available, either, although the current fastest tier, at 50Mbps, costs $145 without bundled phone service. [DSL Reports]

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