1080p Android Set-top Boxes Are Set to Invade Your Living Room

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MIPS Technologies with Sigma Designs demonstrated an Android-based set-top box capable of 1080p video. The development is being touted as "a major milestone toward the creation of a reference platform" that will allow Android-based devices to enter the living room.

The set-top box utilizes Sigma's hardware graphics acceleration, the MIPS architecture and improvements to Android's library to display high-definition video on full sized screens. While the demonstration was merely a proof of concept modeled around a television, MIPS envisions MIDs and digital picture frames based on the platform as well. There are no plans to commercialize the prototype yet, but having a standard developer friendly operating system behind all the miscellaneous living room gadgets is a pretty exciting prospect—I can't wait until my phone is able to be both my media center at home and media player when I'm away. [Engadget and Slash Gear]

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...invade? That makes them sound so evil...

I'm going to be welcoming them with open arms. No siege needed! Come right in, sir! Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Hurry the fuck up and get set up, sir.