14 Best DIY Gadget Projects of 2011 and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger, top gadget projects for you to try, the world's largest Google Earth display uses 48 screens, Reddit using crowd-sourcing to help animals, and more!


1. Reddit Will Now Harness Crowd-Sourcing to Help You ID Animal Species
If you snap a photo of a bird on vacation that you can't identify, post it here.

2. Google Lists The Top Green Search Trends of 2011
Last week, Google released the 11th annual Zeitgeist, a compilation of data about popular search terms. So what are some of the most popular? Here's a brief summary.

3. 14 Best DIY Gadget Projects of 2011
You know you want to try at least a few of these.

4. Do Paper-Powered Batteries from Sony Have a Future?
Calling it a bio battery, the company thinks the technology shows promise.

5. Does This 'Hydrogen-Powered' Luxury Boat Break the Laws of Physics?
Um, we think so.

6. New App Lets iPad Users Play With Real Live Pigs
Yes, it's as weird as it sounds.


7. Paris Sets Up World's Largest Google Earth Display with 48 Screens
You might have a big monitor at home, and you can zoom in and out of Google Earth enjoying all its beautiful detail. But you definitely don't have a monitor this big!

8. ReeCharge Case Weatherproofs Your iPhone for Bike Rides
There's a new product out from Biologic that is perfect for tech-savvy bike riders.


9. BikeBrain iPhone App Offers Cyclists Customizable Training Programs and Ride Tracking
BikeBrain is a new iPhone app from Biologic that is perfect for cyclists who want to track how well they're doing on each ride, or the details about their route such as altitude and distance.

10. Ask AMEE Search Is The Next Big Thing For Accessing Carbon Footprint Data
How amazing would it be for said "ordinary member of the public" to have at their fingertips a search tool for finding out just how much embodied energy is in the new cell phone they bought, or what kind of carbon footprint their upcoming road trip will create? Let's just say it'd be really, really amazing.