14-Pound Lego Safe Is Guarded by 305 Billion Codes

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By definition, you would think that a Lego safe won't be very safe. But, right now, and looking at the photo and features of this 14-pound Lego Mindstorms NXT Safe, it looks like a much more secure place to guard my savings than any bank out there. All the $34.67 of them. Seriously. Once glued, the 2.7-inch thick walls made of interlocking Lego bricks and its five double digit electronic code lock will make it impossible to break for most people. And beyond the fact that no thieve would think you would be stupid enough to store your valuables on a Lego safe, the electronic code is not the only security feature. Update: Added a mini-Q&A with the author. Since the electronic code, operated by the front wheels, is direction sensitive-introducing "21" to the right is not the same as introducing it to the left-that gives you 305 billion code combinations to unlock the mechanism. If someone tries to move the safe, it also has an alarm that would be fired by the built-in accelerometers connected to the Mindstorms NXT core.

• Large Digit display (using Custom Digits, and MyNumOut routine) • Outside dimensions 38x38x38cm, creating 30 Litres of internal storage space • Internal safety bars prevent stone walls to be disassembled • Automatic un-Locking / Locking of the vault (Motorized lock) • Automatic opening and closing door (Motorized door) • Automatic burglar alarm (using HiTechnic Acceleration Sensor) • Variable un-locking code, set by user during locking. • Heavy, 7cm thick, door with secret Power-On/Off buttons.

If you are the rightful owner of the safe, however, it's a delight to use. Once you introduce the code, the electric motor will open the door for you.

Jesús Díaz: How much time did it take you to build from design to final? Frank de Nijs: It took me 10 hours tot create the basic idea (mechanics), an additional 45 hours to build, and rebuild it (trial on error, you might say). And another 12 hours to think, write and rewrite the software. JD: I know it's Lego sacrilege, but is it glued (for security)? FdJ: Hey, we are talking about valuable Lego here! This SAFE is going to be disassabled in a few weeks to become something completely different! :D JD: Have you tried to force it open in a hard way? FdJ: Once I had to. When the safe is open you can pull open a small entry in the rearside of the door to recharge the NXT module. Once i forgot to do that in time... So my batteries were too low to operate the safe... And it was locked. The inside of the safe is secured with interlocked Technic Beams to avoid pulling the safe into pieces too easilly. But it is unglued Lego so finally there is allwwas a way to get in, simply by taking the door apart, piece by piece... JD: How many pieces does it take? FdJ: The model consists of about 2350 parts [Lego Examples via Craziest Gadgets]

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