One Direction aren’t the only physics-loving celebrities hiding in plain sight. From PhD astrophysicist and rock star Brian May to mathematics book author and actress Danica McKellar, the list of entertainers who get giddy over the wonder of our universe is near-endless.

The Perimeter Institute is back with another round of PI-bites. Last time they tackled seventeen stories of women who changed the path of science, and before that were twenty nuggets of trivia about light. This time they’ve dug up fifteen celebrities whose love of science has nothing to do with how they’ve made their careers.

Alan Alda’s annual science communication contests include challenges like explaining what fire is, or defining colour.

You can check out an interview with Shad at Perimeter Institute.

The Sciren’s project was originally inspired by Taryn O’Neill’s musings over the new Cosmos series.

This doesn’t even include the actors who worked with NASA directly: from Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols to Matt Damon’s preparations for the upcoming The Martian, space is cool even to the cool kids.

[Perimeter Institute]

Image credits: Perimeter Institute

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