19th-Century Vampire Slayer Kit Probably Kills 21st-Century Vamps Too

It's unfortunate that the original auction page has been removed, because this handy vampire hunter kit put together by Ernst Blomberg provides everything you need to lay waste to unholy bloodsuckers, be they Nosferatu's children or your neighbor's five- year-old.

This kit (which can fetch up to $12,000 at auction) has among other fun implements, "an efficient pistol," "a quantity of bullets of the finest silver," a "wooden stake (oak)," holy water and "Professor Blomberg's New Serum."


Table of Malcontents wonders about the "New Serum" but I bet it's just like an early version of the serum Blade uses to explode vampire heads in the first movie. If so, this kit's totally worth every penny. Besides, can you really put a price on protecting yourself from vampires?

Rare Mid to Late 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit [Survival Arts via Table of Malcontents]

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