2 Transformers Movies Are Apparently Still in the Works

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Bumblebee won’t be the last Transformers movie.
Bumblebee won’t be the last Transformers movie.
Photo: Paramount

After what felt like a non-stop barrage of Transformers movies, the past few years have been quiet on Cybertron (at least in live-action). That’s largely in part to the most recent film, Bumblebee, doing so poorly in comparison to its predecessors, despite many thinking it was the best of the bunch. In that time, though, Paramount and Hasbro have been working on all sorts of new ideas based on the popular franchise. Multiple scripts have been considered, developed, and it seems a new one has now entered the mix.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has given “a blind script commitment to develop” a Transformers movie from Marvel’s Defenders show runner Marco Ramirez and director Angel Manuel Soto (who was recently attached to DC’s Blue Beetle movie). No details were revealed about the movie’s contents, just that this movie is separate from the film Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. is attached to. (Which may, or may not, be Beast Wars centric)

Which movie, if either, makes it to theaters (or streaming) first is anyone’s guess. Especially since, just last year, there were several other Transformers films reportedly in other stages of development, including an animated one. Nevertheless, it seems like right now, one of these has the best shot at taking that (Optimus) prime position.


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