As part of a statewide snow sculpture competition, some Michigan Technological University students have added balance to the millennia of snow angel production–through the evils of rock. While source audio is played from a standard laptop, it's powered by 9 Behringer EP2500's, and 1 Crown XLS602, which to us normal, snowman-making guys is over 20,000 watts in amplification. But yeah, that low-wattage Bose system you just bought is still really nice.

Adding non-snow speakers to their sculpture automatically disqualifies the team from competition. So why do they do it? (plus some more impressive pictures, after the jump).

To get loud as fuck.

Other reasons cited were low cost and the joy of entertain others during statue judging...but those points just don't rock the blockquote with equal impact.


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And I thought the old snowman carrot in the crotch technique was impressive. Thanks Lukas!

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