Illustration for article titled 20 Million Digital Photo Frames to be Sold to 20 Million Tacky Idiots in 2008

It's official: you people have no taste. How else to explain that 20 million digital photo frames are expected to be sold in 2008? Yes, 20,000,000 digital photo frames, the red-headed stepchildren of the consumer electronics world, will soon adorn the walls of McMansions in every backwater suburb in the country.


There's no amount of functionality you can cram into a digital photo frame to make it a worthwhile product. Until e-ink reaches a point where it can be used in digital frames so they look like actual photographs and don't suck up energy 24 hours a day, they're just going to be glorified little computer displays that make your home look terrible. I don't care that they can be updated from afar or play slideshows: they suck. Don't waste your money on these things and encourage more companies to spam the marketplace with them, I beg you. You're only hurting yourselves here, people. [Digitimes]


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