2200T Is First Entry-Level GPS with Lifetime Free Traffic Info, Says Navigon

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Navigon recently popped up with a high-end GPS with free-for-life live traffic info, followed by some similar models from Garmin, and now it's got a new entry-level model with the same feature. The 2200T is in fact the first "genuine entry-level GPS navigator" with free lifetime traffic, according to Navigon. It's also got the same Reality View system with lane assistant as it's more expensive sibling, with 3D-illustrated junctions to help you traverse complex intersections, a text-to-speech function, 3.5-inch touchscreen, SiRF GRF3i+ GPS chip with InstantFix II ability and an integrated traffic data antenna. It'll cost you around $229, but for that you'll always know if there's a jam up ahead. Press release below.

Chicago, Illinois, September 3, 2008 - NAVIGON, one of the world's leading and fastest growing providers of navigation products and solutions, today unveiled its feature-rich NAVIGON 2200T GPS Navigator. The NAVIGON 2200T offers a best-in-class navigation experience characterized by NAVIGON's roster of trademark features-including free real-time traffic updates for the life of the product. The NAVIGON 2200T-"T" for Traffic—is based on NAVIGON's next generation software which makes route calculation fast and entering a destination easy, requiring fewer clicks than any other GPS product to enter a destination. With high-end features such as Reality View Pro™, Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life and text-to-speech, the 3.5" NAVIGON 2200T is the marvel of its price class, selling for $229 (MSRP). "As competitors try to match the unique features that we first introduced last year we continue to enhance our offering, maintaining our position as the lead innovator in the industry," says Andreas Hecht, NAVIGON's president for the America's. "Our vision for the NAVIGON 2200T was to take the NAVIGON experience to a new level in a stylish, highly portable package. This device delivers a navigation experience that exceeds that of any high-end device on the market today at an attractive price point." Features that Set it Apart Real-time traffic, good for the life of the product, provides traffic updates and flow information that guides users around congestion and shortens the drive time. Reality View Pro™, the next generation of NAVIGON's exclusive Reality View feature, adds 3D images for highway exits as well as complex interchanges. Lane Assistant Pro™ provides clear lane guidance to help drivers prepare for upcoming turns. NAVIGON 2200T features include: Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life. Users can easily route around traffic congestion to reach their destinations faster. NAVIGON delivers traffic in a unique way-it's ready to go, for the life of the product, right out of the box. No subscriptions, trial periods or additional hardware to buy. Using simple color coding, the NAVIGON 2200T will show the severity of congestion, what and where the problem is, and (most importantly) how to get around it. Plus, with coverage in 95 markets in both U.S. and Canada, users are covered wherever their travels take them. Reality View Pro™. NAVIGON takes its trademark feature one-step further with the second generation of Reality View-Reality View Pro™. Reality View Pro provides 3D images and actual road sign text for virtually every highway interchange and exit you will encounter -so you'll never miss your exit again. Lane Assistant Pro™. Helps drivers prepare to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing clear visual lane guidance. NAVIGON's second generation of Lane Assistant provides a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry. Fast Destination Entry. The latest generation of NAVIGON software makes entering and finding information fast and simple with, on average, fewer clicks than any competitor product. NAVIGON's SmartSpeller feature helps guiding through the entry process. Advanced Text-to-speech. Spoken Directions with Street Names lets drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with advanced phonetic text-to-speech technology that ensures proper pronunciation of streets. DirectHelp™. Help is a click away with DirectHelp, providing instant driving directions to and contact information for nearby hospitals, police stations, roadside assistance, and pharmacies. High Performance. NAVIGON's new software platform delivers our most responsive interface to date with dramatically improved route calculation times. Instant Fix GPS. With NAVIGON's new Instant Fix GPS receiver (SIRF InstantFixII Receiver), the NAVIGON 2200T triangulates global position in a matter of seconds and is minimally affected by urban canyons and tall trees. Ultra-thin and portable. Less than ¾" thick, the NAVIGON 2200T is compact enough to take users anywhere whether traveling the world or the local neighborhood. Favorites as POI: Shows stored addresses with name on the map marked with flags. NAVIGON FreshMaps: Keep your 2200T as up-to-date in three years as it was on the day you bought it with NAVIGON‘s FreshMaps accessory, providing up to 12 map updates for three years for $79.99 (MSRP). Also with: Speed Assistant Multi-Destination Trip Planning Automatic Standby Feature Auto Day/Night Mode



I thought entry level GPS was my mom in the back seat yelling "Watch out for that guy changing lanes", "Youre going too fast", "Shouldnt we have taken that Exit", "This is the last rest area for 20 miles, shouldnt we pull over", etc. This one is MUCH better. Way more than entry level.