$2500 Homemade Jetpack Will Either Get You Laid or Kill You

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Looking to live fast and quite possibly die young? Got $2500 burning a hole in your pocket? Do I have a potentially badass obituary for you! Updated.

This homemade jetpack is being sold by some dude in Canada via a classified ad. How reputable!

Jet Pack — Jumps You 10' in the Air

Handcrafted by myself Using Car and Airplane parts. I spent 15 years as a mechanic. Can Use for 2 High Jumps 10 feet in the air with a safe landing before overheating, takes about an hour to cool down after that.

weighs 53lbs, approx Camping backback in size , dull grey in color.

serious buyers only can test out on my property and of course watch me first for safety reasons and training.


OK, let's break this down. Pros: it's a jetpack, it's very somewhat affordable, it looks cool. Cons: it might explode on your back, it only allows for 2 jumps per hour, may toss you into the side of a building.

I'll be honest, I would have thought I'd be a solid "no" on this. But part of me (the dumber part) is tempted. [Used Victoria via Geekologie]


Update: Now the guy raised his price to $2500!

Update 2: Looks like it's fake. The picture is a prop from Minority Report. Lame, Canada.