3 Million Suckers Still Pay For AOL Dial-Up

Remember the whimsical sounds your 56k modem made as it connected to AOL? BADONG-BADONG! Then a semi-officious voice announced you were online, "Welcome!" Yeah, that was in the 90's. Well according to the company's latest earnings report there are three million fools who are still paying for AOL dial-up Internet. WHHHHHHY?

According to Dan Frommer the current 3.03 million "access" subscriber number is down 84,000 users from the previous quarter and down 400,000 from a year ago. AOL has been bleeding subscribers for ages, and it's nowhere near its 25 million subscriber apex a decade ago, but three million? Seriously? In fairness, maybe some people just don't have access to broadband. [SplatF via BGR]


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