30 Rock Salutes Science Fiction: Every Great Clip

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We've all seen the big spoofs of scifi classics. Family Guy just recreated Star Wars and the Simpsons' Prisoner tribute was perfection. But nobody salutes science fiction better than 30 Rock's sly one-liners, which just slip it in there.

We're madly in love with the writing on 30 Rock, mainly because each wickedly clever line is laced with loads of nerd-only humor. Sure, Big Bang Theory is cute and full of genre arguments and pop-culture showdowns, but I have much more respect for the show that can slip in a Star Trek/Boston Legal joke with out flinching. To show our appreciation, we've rounded up the best of the best 30 Rock geek moments — feel free to suggest your own.


The embrace of the genre way isn't a new thing for non-genre shows. Below I've collected a few moments from the leading contenders that also excel in dropping BSG riff after Rocky Horror joke. Please add on your favorites in the comments.

Veronica Mars
Veronica and friends really knew how to turn a phrase into a layered geek out dialogue session, here's just a taste of best.

The Big Bang Theory
The series is about nerds...so not really fair but they did really hash a lot of real life genre arguments.

The Office
Dwight represent!

How I Met Your Mother
We actually wrote an entire about this dillema, can you love someone that doesn't love Star Wars?


Additional reporting and gathering by Julia Carusillo.