Someone blasted their Nokia E90 with a 12-bore shotgun. And then decided to put the bent and twisted piece of telephony up for sale on eBay "for parts." Or for laughs, because then someone decided to buy the remains of the smartphone for $20.50. Apparently, he didn't realize that not a single part of this phone would work, as the E90 is mostly a single sandwich of printed circuit boards. Gunshot gallery is below.

The eBay blurb describes it as Bluetooth Enabled, Calendar, email, GPS Navigation, Internet Browser, MP3 Player, PDA-PC Sync, SMS-Text Messaging, Speakerphone, Unlocked, Video, Smartphone. And then he goes and tells us it doesn't even turn on. Tsk. Who knows, maybe the buyer just needs to replace the letter "E" for "End of Life" or "T" for "Trash." [eBay via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]