Alexander Begak is a test pilot and the chief designer of Evolution, a flying pod that can travel on land, slide through water and snow, and fly thanks to a gliding parachute that acts as a soft, highly portable wing. The one or two-seater vehicle made of Kevlar and titanium was presented at the crazy 2007 Moscow Air Show, but it's now available starting at $7,200. While the Evolution looks nice, their most amazing personal planes are yet to come: the Sirius and Iris, after the jump.

SCARAB Aviation Lab spokesman Gregory Omelchenko told us that the Sirius and the Iris are "still in the design phase," but they are planes that "will be manufactured in the future." The company says they work with the Federal Space Agency, the Moscow Aviation Institute and Sukhoi, the third largest manufacturer of fighter airplanes in the world, including the mighty SU-3X series. Hopefully, that means that they will be able to make them into a commercial reality instead of just being some dream designs out of a Star Wars movie.

The two-seat Evolution DT model, however, is just "a few weeks from being completed and readied for commercial production," so if you are looking for a low-cost pod to fly with a co-pilot, get $11,500 ready. Like the one-seat Evolution ST, these are also hand-made with and get shipped "60 days after payment," according to Gregory. [Scarab via Sense4Fun]