375 Completely Free Ebooks for Every Device

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Last week Amazon dumped an avalanche of new Kindles on us. Huzzah for reading! Except, um, who wants to buy a whole library of ebooks? Here's a list of 375 free books formatted for iPad/iPhone, Kindle, or for your plain old computer screen.


The list of books compiled by Open Culture consists of links to free downloads from Apple's app store, free books on Amazon, listings at Project Gutenberg, as well as links to zip files and websites. Here's just a minuscule sampling of the classics you can score for free:

And don't worry—there are more than just iOS and Kindle versions of the books. They come in many different formats. And did we mention there are 375 of them? Holy smokes. Head over to Open Culture to see the whole list. [Open Culture]

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Cory Mullen

When it comes to commentary of social, economic, or political issues I prefer brevity. Unfortunately the majority of free rights books are tomes made to engage and entertain people of a time in history where reading a long book was a main form of entertainment(as well as said commentary).

I remember making a presentation in high school in about Anna Karenina, basically berating the overall premise that it takes 1000+ pages to get across a message in this day an age and that reading assignments like this are completely a waste of time(I am a math and science kind of guy). I finished the presentation with the conclusion that the only redeeming part of the book was that she kills herself by train. All of the lit nerds raged etc, but I am a fairly logical debater and crushed them during questioning. I got an A+.