We have seen long foosball tables, hi-fi foosball tables and even beautiful foosball tables before, but none can compare to the luxury and elegance that the Teckell Collection can provide. The tables come in a number of different versions, but they all feature a crystal frame with shiny aluminum players—potentially making them the most expensive foosball tables the world has ever seen.


The design company behind the tables has chosen not to share the pricing information, so the magnitude of sticker shock an interested foosball enthusiast can expect with the Teckell collection is unknown. Still, who would want one of these? Foosball is a casual game involving beer drinking, take no prisoners competition, yelling, screaming and the occasional fistfight—not dressing up in your Sunday best and sharing a glass of champagne with Richie Rich. [Teckell via Trends Now via DVICE]