3D Glasses For HDTVs Will Cost at Least $70 a Pair

Illustration for article titled 3D Glasses For HDTVs Will Cost at Least $70 a Pair

As our Avatar review illustrated, 3D is evolving from a mere gimmick to a technology that is poised to be the center of our home entertainment experience. And those cheezy glasses? Expect them to get a lot more sophisticated.


If XpanD, the company behind the 3D glasses for Avatar is anything to go by, the price of fancy shutter glasses will start at around $70 a pair, and top out at around $150. XpanD claims that two pairs of their glasses will be bundled with 3D sets from Panasonic, LG, Sony and Vizio due out next year. The additional costs kick in when you need to buy extra pairs.

The mock up above is just a glimpse of what XpanD has planned, but rest assured, you will probably look like an idiot until technologies that don't require glasses come into their own. [DVICE]



Is it too much to ask to have a set that looks like Nite Owl's?