3D-Printable Cookie Monster and Grover Figures Hit the MakerBot Store

The first series of Sesame Street characters to hit the MakerBot Digital Store weren't exactly its A-list residents. We all love Snuffleupagus, but he can't hold a candle to Big Bird. So thankfully Series 2 is finally here, just in time for Halloween, bringing with it some bigger Sesame Street stars you can 3D print at home including Grover and Cookie Monster.

In fact, it looks like Grover actually comes with his Super Grover costume which is pretty great. And what would Cookie Monster be without his glutinous supply of baked treats? He'd just be Monster. The new set also includes a character called Frazzle who comes with a matching pumpkin, and individually the 3D-printable models can be downloaded from the MakerBot Digital Store for $2 each. Or you can download the entire set at once for $5 and save yourself a buck. [MakerBot Digital Store]


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