3G iPhone May Come January 2008 Says Some Swedes

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Feel free to place this alongside other unfounded Apple rumors, but the latest talk says that a possible 3G iPhone will be available as soon as January 2008. A Swedish firm reports that their contact at Apple gave them assurances that there will be a European 1st gen iPhone by September, and a followup 3G version in very early 2008.


We all know that a 3G version is coming—Jobs said as much during the keynote—but if it's coming only about half a year after the first, users may do well to wait until the upgraded version is available before locking into the first version.

3G iPhone could arrive overseas by early 2008 [Apple Insider]

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Even if this is the case, Apple wouldn't tell anybody publicly, otherwise most people would wait for the 3G phone. jmdecombe, you said u'd just get the 3G when it comes out, but thing is you'll still have 2.5G contract, so it'd be a waist of money really, especially when i heard the contracts r 2 yrs.