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3GSM was a show I'd always been happy to cover from afar. It's not that I didn't want to visit Barcelona, of course. It's just that the news had always been less than spectacular for me, so It was a hard trip to justify to the bosses. This year, things are turning out to be more interesting than usual.


I was watching the Queen Mary 2 pass under the Golden Gate Bridge last Sunday with Lisa and NY-transferee Joe Brown. (Joe, formerly of Pop Science, took over some of my old beats at Wired Mag after I left.) We were strolling down at Chrissy Field, talking bout work when the topic of 3GSM came up.

Joe asked, "You sending anyone?"

I replied that I didn't think it was going to be interesting enough.

Joe said, "You kidding? The iPhone knockoffs will be there."

I simply shook my head. It's been 6 weeks. Maybe they'll be ready at CTIA.

Then this Samsung phone hit the news on Thursday, boasting all the best features of the iPhone (kinda) but making up for the shortcomings with a qwerty keyboard. I forgot that making hardware like the iPhone is child's play for these megacorps.


The next day, Editor Louis Ramirez volunteered himself to Spain, with no hotel room. He's crafty, I'm sure he'll be fine. The important thing is that Louis is going to be bringing us some great hands on time with all the iPhone knockoffs. So stay tuned.

And Joe Brown, I owe you a beer.