$400 Xbox 360 Game of the Year Bundle Confirmed

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The rumors were right. Microsoft is releasing a "Game Of The Year Bundle" including the Xbox 360 Elite, Halo 3 and Fable 2 for $400—the same price of the standalone Elite console. It's not an AMAZING deal, but if you're looking to "jump in" to the Xbox 360, these are games you'll want to play anyway. The bundle should be available anytime between now and soon. [Major Nelson]


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This is a serious question, and I would appreciate only "non-snarky/fan boi" responses(i.e. XBOX IS STUPIDZ!) Is the 360 a good system for your average/below average gamer? Is there a good backwards compatibility? I ask as someone who has a non HDTV, won't use a system to play movies, liked the original XBOX, and would like something to play to kill a few hours and isn't worried about online play. If so, are there any bundles, necessary/vital accessories, etc... that one should look for? I thank you all in advance for any help.