41 Beautiful Black & White Photos

Who needs color when good old black and white photography is so simply beautiful? Here are the results from this week's Shooting Challenge.

Winner: Happy Husky


I was in Titlis near Engleberg this weekend shooting some night time photography with stars etc then I remembered the shooting challenge. This Husky was so happy bounding around in the snow and since it was almost already black and white it was a good choice for processing into black white.

- Nils Rohwer


For this challenge I really wanted to do something awesome, but due to poor planning on my part, I had to scratch the original idea. So, I brought out my trusty off-camera flash, set up my tripod, and decided to spray myself in the face with water. A few weeks ago I did this with flour and to limit myself from a major cleanup, I decided water would be a better option. I changed the exposure compensation in post along with making the photo in black and white. With the high contrast of the light bouncing off all the drops of water, it really became a shot I am proud of.

Equipment: Nikon D7000 Nikon 85mm 1.8G Off Camera Flash. Settings: f/6.3 1/250 shutter ISO 320


- Tyler Upton

Times Square Subway


I was on my way to a Broadway show after work. I thought this part of the Times Square subway station, on the platform for the shuttle to Grand Central, was very interesting.

I used my Sony RX100, and selected a very low angle. 10.4mm, 1/30 @ f1.8, ISO 250.


I processed the result in Lightroom and then converted to black and white in Silver Efex Pro2.

- Eric Perkins

Chaotic Skies


This is taken at Milford Sounds, New Zealand. The weather that day was a mix of winds, light rains, and spots of sunlight; which created a very interesting sky. I captured this with my Nikon D700 with a 20mm lens at 30sec exposure at f/22. I used an ND400, and a ND Circular Polarizer to be able to do the long exposure. I really wanted to catch the shading differences between the mountain ranges and the chaos in the sky.

- Pablo Piedra

Piper Down


This derelict Piper aircraft sits at the entrance to a small public airport east of Raleigh, North Carolina. I wanted to create an image that conveys the age and the status of the craft as a relic of the past. I used a Canon EOS 50D camera and a Canon 24-105mm IS F4 lens. Settings were ISO100, focal length of 24mm, 1/800sec at f/8.0. I shot in RAW and did initial processing in Photoshop Lightroom CC and then adjusted sharpness, curves and levels in Photoshop CC and then converted to black and white using Google Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

- Lee Scoggins

Williamsburg Bridge


The photo was taken of the Williamsburg bridge in New York at night on an iPhone and edited with iPhone software.

- Matt Moocarme

Nose Part 1...


I shot this with my fixed 55mm lens (f/5) on my Canon rebel XS. My model is my dog Moose. She loves to just sit at the window and look off and I figured it would be great to get on her level and perspective. I think it really works in black and white due to the lines of her nose, as well as the reflection in her eyes.

- Emily Wheeler

...Nose Part 2


This rusted out VW Bug was shot with a Panasonic GH3, 35-100mm lens. I had been wanting to submit a photo to the shooting challenge for a while and decided to make a day of finding a shot for the black and white contest. I shot trains, bridges and landscapes but nothing quite satisfied me. It was returning to my apartment that I saw the Bug parked on the street and decided to grab one last shot. I captured this one at 75mm, F2.8, 1/640 shutter on aperture priority. I was contemplating some black and white HDR but the simplicity of an old beat up Volkswagen did more for me than any of the other shots I took that day. Black and white done in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

- Mike Purgatori

Half A Square


A shot I took in L.A. while doing a photo walk around the downtown area. I like the way the visual perspective looks different depending on whether you concentrate on the bottom panels or the right panels, making it almost hard to tell whether I'm standing on the lower panels or if I'm just looking up. Using an old Canon 20D at f/4 stop with a 50mm prime lens.

- Carlos A Torres

Leaf Meets Stone


Shot RAW, which gave me more freedom in adjusting highlights, shadows, and overall contrast. Used Nik Color Efex Pro for B+W and Nik Sharpener Pro. :)

Taken with a Canon 60D + 50mm f1.8 ii

- Avin Abraham



Due to inclimate weather decided to play with macro lens that doesn't get nearly enough use ;-)

Slight editing and transformation to B&W in lightroom 5 - for once high ISO introduced required grain.


Canon 5D Mark III

MP-E65m @ F10 ISO 6400

- Daniel Jones



The person in the photos is David Gravette. A few years back, while on Thrash Magazine's King Of The Road contest, he got this insane tattoo. KOTR is basically a skateboarding scavenger hunt with 4 teams battling for 2 weeks. All teams start in different cities, have a book of challenges that need to be met, as well as city specific challenges. One of the challenges is to "get a thrasher tattoo" and its' worth 100 points. Usually people get a more conventional Thrasher logo tattoo'd somewhere normal...arms, legs, calves. David took the "road" less traveled and got his eye brows tattoo'd. The tattoo was done kinda crappy I guess, and what we have here is a photo of him right after getting the tattoo outlined...enjoy. This photo was shoot with a Canon 7D, 28mm 1.8 lens, and in natural light.

- Richie Valdez

These were so fantastic—incredible entries all around. We were only able to highlight some of our favorite entries here, so head over to flickr for the full gallery, complete with bigger, wallpaper-ready shots!


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