5.11 Tactical LED Flashlight Now Available: Recharges in 90 Seconds Without a Battery

Last year we introduced you to the 5.11 Tactical Series UC3.400 flashlight claiming that it "might be the last torch you will ever need." Well, it's time to put that to the test.


The 5.11 shines at 90 lumens for 90 minutes per charge—and the manufacturers claim that it is rated for 50,000 recharges (or once per day for the next 135 years). In other words, the flashlight is rugged and produces a bright light for a practical amount of time. But the best part is that recharging only takes 90 seconds thanks to its fancy ultracapacitor energy storage system. It even has a backup 12V DC automotive charger in case the power goes out.

If it works as advertised, could very well be the last flashlight you will ever need (or, at least for the 10 year maintenance-free window). Whether it will pay for its $170 price tag in battery savings over that time remains to be seen. [5.11 Tactical via CNET]

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