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FON just released their second WiFi Sharing router, subsidized, for $5. Sharing?! Yea, remember? FON is that company that lets you hop other FON user hotspots, in exchange for making your hotspot open, too. Their new hardware, dubbed La Fonera, which literally translated means "The Winged Mallard Flies at Midnight." We wrote about it a few months ago, but they're available now.

Pretty sweet. It's B and G compliant, It has separate SSID for other wandering FON ronin, and one for private use, and I'm assuming some sort of bandwidth throttling so the tourists don't soak up your river of torrential downloads. I hope. The router let's you customize the public login page with a profile, making it a kind of myspace page in meatspace.


There are also plans where you can make money off your hotspot, instead of getting unlimited roaming privileges. The router is about palm sized, using 4 watts of power total, so I'm not sure what kind of range you'll get out of it. But man, $5 bucks seems pretty good if you're in need of an extra router, and don't mind sharing a bit of bandwidth. Me? I need every last bit for my net habits. Has anyone noticed the lack of many open access points out there these days? How about you?

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