5 Takes on the Lenovo X200 Notebooks

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Lenovo's 12.1-inch X200 is the newest and smallest member of the revamped X series. More than that, this thing is actually affordable, bringing some of the X300's sweet form factor (0.8 inches of thinness) and power down to a reasonable price, starting at just $1199. It almost sounds too good to be true. Is it? Here are the first 5 takes from reviewers.


Laptop Mag

The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 is an excellent lightweight notebook for mobile professionals who demand the business essentials: security, durability, and lengthy battery life. Although some may prefer an optical drive or a slightly larger display, the power of the Centrino 2 platform combined with the usual ThinkPad excellence makes this one of the best ultraportables around.

PC Mag

With wider dimensions, the ThinkPad keyboard we all come to love is larger than the previous one, and the typing experience is nothing short of spectacular, trumping the ones on both the Sony VAIO VGN-SZ791N and the Toshiba R500 (SSD). For those who adore the pointing stick, the X200 carries one over from the X61.

Notebook Review

The amazing battery life capabilities and cool and quiet running performance are real highlights. Having so much power in a small package while still maintaining a cool and quiet computing experience further adds to the impressiveness there. The ThinkPad X200 is also durable enough to last a very long time even with the most abusive of owners, shoving the X200 in a tightly packed bag and then physically forcing it under seat 21A on the plane won't cause this laptop harm.

Channel Web

What really grabbed our attention was the X200's 9-cell battery life. Using the Test Center's standard test, in which all power-saving options are turned off and video is run continuously off the hard drive until the battery dies, the X200 lasted for 4 hours and 16 minutes. That is pushing the envelope in our testing environment, and puts it at or near the head of the class this year in battery life.


One minor thing that bugs me is Lenovo's logo, which stands on its own and looks like an afterthought. Another negative is that the X200 only has a single speaker, which isn't good for much except for system beeps. If you're going to listen to tunes while you work on the X200 headphones are an absolute must.



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