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This week on TreeHugger, a bike with metal tension wheels looks just.. wow. A funeral urn that grows a tree. A living map of Central Park complete with lakes. And so, so much more.

1. Have Fun On Your Bike with 50 No Handed, Easy to Master Tricks (Video)
Performed to "Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks, the tricks include the "approaching squid," the "Def Leopard drummer" and the "sobriety test."


2. Clever Bike Repair Station at the University of Virginia
(For when someone knocks you off your bike for one of your obnoxious no-hand tricks)

3. Fast Company's iPad App Explores Best-Designed American Products
If you seek out products that are "Made in America," seek out this app. It's called the "United States of Design" and was created by the Fast Company magazine folks.

4. Poetree: A Funeral Urn That Lets You Plant A Tree From Ashes
Poetree is a funeral urn that evolves over time, allowing loved ones to plant a tree in the ashes, while also providing a simple but elegant monument.

5. iPhone Cases Made from Agricultural Waste and Recycled Plastic
The next time someone says your iPhone case looks like you found it in the trash, you can take it as a compliment.


6. Living Wall Is A Map of Central Park
An 84' long walnut bookshelf that is a map of Manhattan from the southern tip to the top of Central Park.

7. Reused Tires Make a Squid-Like Playground for Refugee Children
Not sure if it's creepy or comforting.


8. Designer Bike With Metal Wheels Uses Tension To Roll
Now this… is something else indeed.

9. Dogs Rescued from Shelters, Trained To Save Endangered Species
Because you need an "Awww. How cute," this morning.


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