Some China bloggers got hold of a Lenovo OPhone shell and did a sizemodo against the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Verdict: Similar slimness with more features. *swoon* I know what I want for Christmas.

The OPhone is roughly 1mm bigger than the original iPhone in all dimensions, measuring in at 115.84x61.57x12.03mm. Besides the volume rocker, the OPhone also has its microSD slot on the left side. According to the China bloggers, it'll support microSD cards of up to 16GB.

The phone from the other side. This is supposed to be a dedicated camera button, which I guess makes the OPhone more comfortable to take landscape photos with.


Here's the butt of all three phones. As you can see, the OPhone's placed its headphone jack on its bottom. Also residing down there is the microUSB slot for charging and PC synchronizing. I wonder if that placement choice will render it incompatible with certain speaker docking systems.


On the backside is a removable battery, as well as a flash for the 5MP cameraβ€” two things it has on the iPhone. Assuming everything works like it's supposed to, this will be a serious contender to the iPhone and other smartphones. Guess we'll see Q1 next year. Merry Christmas from here in Asia! [Sina Blog]