iRiver has some of the most stylish tech gear this side of Apple, but the upcoming E200 player looks boringly similar to its E100 predecessor, despite a new thinner, all-metal design, and a larger screen.

According to iRiver Fans (where we also found these apparent press images), the E200 has been slimmed down to 9.9mm, versus the E100's 11.3mm.

The current model's 2.4-inch (262-color) display has also been bumped up to 2.8-inches on the E200. According to Engadget, it may also be a brighter OLED screen. You can also add to the limited storage (4GB or 8GB) thanks to a MicroSD card slot.

There's not too much else to report—the touch-sensitive controls and interface are said to be the same—so I'm left feeling kinda myeh, unfortunately. [iRiver Fans via DAP Review via PMP Today via Engadget]