First Aluminum iRiver E200 Pics

iRiver has some of the most stylish tech gear this side of Apple, but the upcoming E200 player looks boringly similar to its E100 predecessor, despite a new thinner, all-metal design, and a larger screen.

According to iRiver Fans (where we also found these apparent press images), the E200 has been slimmed down to 9.9mm, versus the E100's 11.3mm.


The current model's 2.4-inch (262-color) display has also been bumped up to 2.8-inches on the E200. According to Engadget, it may also be a brighter OLED screen. You can also add to the limited storage (4GB or 8GB) thanks to a MicroSD card slot.

There's not too much else to report—the touch-sensitive controls and interface are said to be the same—so I'm left feeling kinda myeh, unfortunately. [iRiver Fans via DAP Review via PMP Today via Engadget]

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