If you're RIM, the best way to endear yourself with customers of your lousy phones is to screw up their service around the world. So it's done just that, nuking BBM, email, and web access throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Carriers are all blaming a glitch on RIM's side, The Telegraph reports, possibly a data center collapse in Slough, UK. One Kuwaiti telecom tweeted the following: "BlackBerry Fans, the BlackBerry Server is temporarily down. It'll be up & running soon. We apologize on behalf of RIM for any inconvenience." How will we check the BlackBerry App World now? [Telegraph]

Update: RIM UK has finally acknowledged the outage, tweeting that they're "investigating" the blackout.

Update 2: English Giz reader Govi just emailed in the following:

BB has been down since around 10:15 am on my side. This morning at 9am I sent a friend a message I'm switching to an iphone, to which he replied ‘why would you do that'. I think RIM just answered his question.


Update 3: South African Gizmodo pal Alexis chimes in: "Yep South Africa has been out since this morning. Email is still working strangely enough, but no IM, or browsing."

Update 4: From London:

Yes my business partner and I both have Blackberry phones.
We run a small plumbing and heating company in South East London and are definitely affected!
I've got screaming customers trying to get hold of us and urgent jobs to attend to but without the service of our blackberry we are unable to get hold of each other. This is really frustrating and a nuisance to our business.


Update 5: South America, too? "Here in Chile we have been without BB service for over 8 hours now," shares a Giz reader below the equator.

Update 6: I've received numerous reader reports of outages across the Middle East, as well.

Are you a BlackBerry user affected by the outage? Send me an email!

Photo: DESmith Photography/Shutterstock