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64-bit Chromium Now Available for Mac Users

Illustration for article titled 64-bit Chromium Now Available for Mac Users

Up until now, the unofficial Google Chrome for Macs, Chromium, has only been available in a 32-bit download, but today you can grab the ChromiumOS64 if you're more RAMmed-up.


Teo en Ming, the ChromiumOS64 project lead, says of the download:

"The original Chromium OS project does not support 64-bit platforms. This is because the majority of the netbooks in the market are based on Intel Atom processors, which are mostly 32-bit."


With Chrome OS launching properly at the tail-end of 2010, we've got a full year to wait before we see anything more solid become available. And even then, it'll only be available on Google-branded devices, with Acer hoping to launch the first official netbook running it.

Let us know how you get on with the 64-bit Chromium browser below. [ChromiumOS64 via TechRadar]

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I don't understand this ...

It looks like it's running in OSX itself (not bootcamped)... and the point of it is that it's an extremely light OS, which at the moment is essentially just the Chrome browser. So what we have here is just Chrome.

So what's the point?

[EDIT] After a little look around it seems this might actually just be Chrome, not Chrome OS ... badly written article?