Some pictures capture a moment. Others capture a story. For this week's Shooting Challenge, I asked you to stage a scene. Your results were sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad and always worthwhile.

Lead Shot

My story was the hatching of the peep, how the peeps were made.
One egg was injured during the making of this picture.
It was done with a Canon Rebel XTi at f 2.8 and 1/25s at 100 Iso with the Canon 60mm USM macro lens.
-Sebastien Grobelny


Disney Inspired?

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II
ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/125 sec, 24mm
I'm a big fan of the TV series "Dexter", and I thought it would be cool to stage a kill scene, especially one in which he falls victim to his own crime.
-Matt McDaniel



Title: Who's Hungry?
Camera: Pentax K200D
Lens: smc PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL II
ISO: 100 - sunlight
-Eric Taylor


Epic Noir

"As the lights drew closer, Matt drew his flashlight closely to his side knowing it was the only weapon he had. . ."
Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon 80-200 f/2.8
Lighting: Elinchrom 300RX, Calumet Travelite 750R, Maglite!
Manual, 1/80 @ f/8
ISO 200
Shooting this was pretty straightforward. Both studio heads were hooked up to an Innovatronix Xplorer XT inverter battery pack (if you don't have one of these, you should get one, NOW. ) One was placed behind the treeline (bare bulb) in order to give background illumination and provide a rim light and lens flare. The second light was placed at camera right 90 degrees to the subject. Only a 7" reflector was used on this light. Both lights were fired wirelessly with Elinchrom Skyports.
Processed in Photoshop, B&W toning done in Nik Silver Efex.
-Luke Bhothipiti


Man Vs. Ham

Canon T2i
400 ISO
Sigma 30mm 1.4
This was taken in our apartment against a large white wall we have. The back ground is 1970s contact paper we found in the back of a hardware store. We pasted it up and bought wood at Home Depot to frame it and make the moldings.
The gentleman in the picture was forced to prepare a whole pressed ham studded with cloves, pineapple rings, and cherries and eat it with his hands. This is towards the end of the meal.
[Ed note: The grease on the man's right hand makes it.]
-Todd Bryant


Lots of Fun Readings on This One

Canon 7D, 50mm f/1.4 lens
Indoor light, ISO 1250, 1/80 sec, f/1.4
-David Lee



Nothing worse than realizing you should have made a left turn at Mos Eisley.
Shot with the Canon 7D with a 50mm f/1.2L USM lens at iSO 100, f/8.0 @ 1/125sec.
I staged the different elements in this photo out in my front yard. The Sandtrooper is a Kotobukiya scale model, the car is a 1965 for falcon. Little bit a photoshop and voila!
[Ed note: Not a single element is wasted in conveying this story. Plus, I had to let a Star Wars submission win eventually.]
-Billy Coker

Great entries this week, and I really appreciate everyone taking risks beyond technique. Be sure to check out all the entries in our gallery.


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