8 Gifts for the Pop Culture Junkie

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Being a nerd doesn't necessarily mean you or your friends have an extreme affinity for gadgets. Some of you might have a perverse attraction to toys, comics, board games or anything sci-fi-related. If you're looking for an alternative gift for your pop culture obsessed friend or loved one, these might do you some good.


Hey there! You might notice our gift guides look a little different this year. That's because we're hoping to get you more involved in them. All of our suggestions are posted in the discussion section. If you have experience or an opinion on one of our selections, let us know! Got a better idea? Share it with us. We truly want to make sure these guides help people buy epic holiday gifts, and many minds are better than a few.

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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

If you remember what it's like to read the funnies on Sunday mornings (or any other morning), then you know Calvin and his stuffed tiger pal Hobbes. Bill Watterson's comic strip spans generations and is probably the one thing that I'd personally ask for amongst everything else on this list. Introduce a new generation to Spaceman Spiff or remind someone of just how wonderful Calvin's world is. $100