Redditor spidermanngp made this absolutely hilarious and perfectly accurate summary of Iron Man 1 and 2 for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, they broke up before he could finish it. Fortunately, he has released it so we can all enjoy it—which is great news because it's quite good.

My ex was coming to see Iron Man 3 with me but hadn't seen the first two, so I decided to make her a multimedia synopsis of the first two. We broke up before I completed it but decided to go ahead and finish it. She'll never see it, but I think it but I wanted to share it with somebody.


Oh, and don't feel bad for spidermanngp. According to him:

I'm getting a lot of pity/etc for the whole breakup aspect. I appreciate it, I do, but I honestly don't want/need it. The breakup wasn't some big life event or anything like that. It was my decision to remain apart. And all for the better, cause my new gf is the cat's neon pajamas.

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