80GB Enhanced 5G iPod Unboxeed, Compared With Regular 5G

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The gang over at iLounge already got their hands on an 80GB enhanced 5G iPod and have the pics and comparison shots to prove it. (Apparently, full-size iPods that Apple announced on Tuesday are referred to as "enhanced," though the new, brighter screen has supposedly been shipping with regular 5G iPods for a little while now.) While unboxing is all fun and good, how does this enhanced iPod perform?

As for the screen's brightness, well, technically, it is brighter, just don't expect to have it leave your jaw on the floor, especially while viewing indoors. The new earbuds that Apple is including with these iPods now has silicone rubber edges, so they're no longer as torturous to wear. What's more, there more bass heavy, pleasing today's popular music fans, what with their hip hop and heavy metal.


It's worth noting that the side-by-side comparison shots do show how much better the enhanced 5G iPod handles colors when compared to the older 5G. Full reviews are forthcoming, so strap in.

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