A 1969 Camaro Z/28 Reborn as an Incredibly Detailed Slot Car Track

Some classic cars end up in museums, other in private collections, but a handful of 1969 Camaro Z/28s are going to live out the rest of their lives as a gorgeous 1/32-scale slot car track complete with authentic decor, foliage, stands full of tiny fans, and even LED night lighting.

Automotive enthusiasts will probably grimace at the sight of what's happened to these Z/28s, but to some people cars are nothing but toys for grownups, and this track takes that idea to its logical conclusion. Modeled after the famed Watkins Glen International raceway, this miniature version features banked corners so your cars aren't always flying off its eleven different corners.


The set even comes with twelve different classic cars to race, including a Ford Mustang, a smaller Chevy Camaro, and a Dodge Challenger. And even though that sounds like a generous inclusion, it's just one of many details that add to this track's $85,000 price tag. It's a little hard to swallow given you won't even be able to get this slot car track into your basement rec room, and the fact that you'll be permanently losing a parking spot in your garage. Still, it's pretty tempting. [Hammacher Schlemmer]


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