A Behind the Scenes Look of Pixar

The NY Times got a rare glimpse at Pixar's animation process and even better, a tour of Pixar's offices. It's filled with delicious nuggets from the most consistent (and probably best) movie studio of our time. Did you know Steve Jobs designed a building there? Or that they have a secret speakeasy room? Or enough milk and cereal for the apocalypse? Watch the video above if you ever liked any Pixar movie. [Devour via Kottke]


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Nothing to See Here!

~1:27 "We have to design that grocery store and we have to design every last item in that grocery store"

-Well, actually, in Ratatouille, there was a scene where Remy comes across a rat poison store while roaming a small bit of Paris. I went to Paris once and saw that store. So I have doubts that they actually design stuff like a grocery store. Maybe sometimes but I'm sure they go out and take pictures of places for some films. Obviously the store was slightly different (I could dig out a picture) but it was still the same thing.

Unless the owner saw Ratatouille and decided to make fake rats in rat traps himself hanging in front of the window, but we went to a nearby restaurant (We ate there of course) who claimed that "..yes some Americans came and filmed something for a little rat film over here" so I'm pretty sure it was there before they made Ratatouille.

If anyone wants "proof or it didn't happen" then I'll find the picture I took.

Edit: Oh and my point is, his statement is half bullshit. I doubt anyone cares (I'm more bragging by the fact that I saw the rat poison store)