Easily Cut People and Objects From Photos With This Camera App

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There are plenty of powerful third-party camera apps available for Android if you don’t like the one that came with your smartphone. They offer manual control over white balance, ISO and shutter speed, plus a range of advanced features—like the option to cut out moving people and objects from your photos, available in A Better Camera.

It’s designed for those moments when you’re trying to take the perfect shot of a beach, landscape or castle and your view keeps getting blocked by passing cars, dogs and joggers—the mode essentially takes several photos of the same view and then builds up a composite image made up of all the parts that have stayed static.


From the capture screen in A Better Camera, tap the mode button (bottom right) and choose Smart multishot. When you press the shutter button, keep the camera steady while the app does its work—you then want to choose Object removal from the next menu (you can create group shots and sequence shots using the same mode).

A Better Camera presents you with the shot that it thinks you want, and you can tap on any of the areas marked in blue to see what’s been hidden. In the areas where there is no blue highlighting, the app hasn’t detected any movement. You should find it comes in useful whenever you need to excise any extraneous elements from a fixed landscape shot.