Last month we got a sneaky first look at Ashley Wood’s latest Marvel toy: A pretty fabulous looking Ultron. But now ThreeA have unveiled a bunch of pictures of the figure, and not only does it come in a variety of Ultronny metallic colours, it also looks pretty damn amazing.

Wood’s 13” tall take on Ultron looks even better out of the shadows — not only because ti’s revealed that the final figure, at least the “Classic” variant, is gloriously shiny metallic figure, really hammering home the classic Ultron look of the figure. And just as I hoped, the mouth properly lights up like old school Ultron, too! I love that. Being a Wood figure, this Ultron even has some weird duckbill armour feet:

Never change, Ashley Wood. I demand an entire version of the Marvel Universe with these duckbill feet.

But Ultron isn’t just shiny. ThreeA are also releasing two variants of the figure too: a “shadow” version that ditches Ultron’s usual shininess for a more muted metallic look (I like how the stealthy version still has a giant glowing gaping maw), and a “ghost” version that’s just white and gold and very pretty. So many pretty maniacal robots.

But such prettiness comes with a cost. When the figure goes live for preorder tomorrow at 9am Hong Kong time (which for those in the US, is actually tonight at 9pm EDT, and 6pm PDT), it’ll set you back a hefty $220.

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