Victorinox and Wenger have owned the Swiss army knife industry for decades, but who really needs an orange peeler, corkscrew, or a nail file on their multi-tool? The folks at a Scandinavian company called Clas Ohlson feel the Swiss army knife is due for an upgrade with more useful accessories, so they've created the (freakishly huge) Uniquely Useful Tool that includes—among other implements—a flash drive, a magnet, a paper clip, and even a tiny spray bottle.


The only catch? Clas Ohlson has no intentions of producing or selling you its more useful take on the Swiss army knife. Instead, they'll happily provide you with the blueprints and parts list to build your own. This is a total DIY affair, which also means you can customize it however you want. After all, who says a Swiss army knife can't have a tiny toothbrush, or a miniature stapler as well? [Clas Ohlson via Damn Geeky]