A Blackberry Tablet: CEO Mike Lazaridis Speaks To the Idea

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"I don't see the benefits of a tablet over a notebook...A lot of technology falls in the middle."


"Offshoot products trying to fill gaps that maybe don't need to be filled. Yes, a tablet is a cool concept, but can you put it in your pocket? And would you carry one around if you couldn't?" [All Things D]



Tablets are just a notch above a gimmick. As one looking to set up a Wacom and computer combo for my art doin's, I first looked at tablet PC's to see if I could just compress these two things into one device. Even with the Wacom software, the tablet is basically an overly gimped Cintiq compared to an Intuos, so it's out of the question. Typing, file searching, media controls and other regular computing activities don't seem to be improved at all being brought into a touch screen. Since we're talking about something that takes up roughly over a square foot of surface area, there's simply no need, when toggles, keyboards and trackpads do all of these things with relative ease.

Multitouch, on a tablet, is even more of a gimmick, if not completely. A question I've yet to find an answer for is: what is the real benefit? I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't one.