A blimp was on fire at the edge of the atmosphere platform

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It was a surprise attack. Martian separatists hit A.I. passenger blimps with cannon balls, and wrecked the space elevator with napalm.

Small towns that had once been home to sheep farmers and geoengineers were torn apart. The colonists worked frantically to fabricate defense ships - and pilots to fly them - in time to protect themselves.


Somewhere back on Earth, people trapped in dead end jobs dreamed of immigrating to the get-rich-quick planet. They only knew what the mainstream news feeds told them.


If only those Martian expat wannabes would read the local blogs, they'd know about the war. They'd have heard the rumors about an underwater city at the South Pole stocked with seemingly empty ships.


These futuristic landscapes, populated by strange ships, are the creations of Polish-German concept designer Matt Tkocz, currently an art student at the Art Center College of Design in California.

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