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A Bluetooth 'Gaming Fidget Spinner' Was Always the Only Way This Ends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It was preordained by the fad gods. After cheating death for months, it seems the fidget spinner will finally be sacrificed at the altar of The Phone, its natural foe.

A company called Fidgetly has opted to perform the ritual, creating a fidget spinner that doubles as a “360-degree motion game controller.” Called CTRL, the device currently available for pre-sale connects to phones so users can track stats, play games, and compete with other people. An accelerometer, gyroscope, and sensor inside the spinner tell the phone what users can see and feel—that they’re spinning a fidget spinner. Also, LED lights.


Fidgetly told The Verge that their spinner can be used to control movement in phone games. Instead of tapping the screen, CTRL users can spin the spinner clockwise or counter-clockwise. The Verge said it “certainly sounds intriguing,” but we say it sounds like a really annoying way to play a phone game unless you can hold your phone with a third appendage.

First comes the accidental discovery of a novelty toy; then ubiquity, as the toy fills mall kiosks and convenience-store counters; then privatization, as firms bastardize a pure concept that once brought happiness to millions. Somewhere along the way (in recent years, at least), things start bursting into flames.


In a few months, you’ll reportedly be able to find this product at stores like Target, Best Buy, and Brookstone for $39.99. It makes us happy Bluetooth didn’t exist during the era of Pogs.

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