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A Booming Sound System Made of 5000 Beer Cans Is the Physical Manifestation of My Hangover

If my hangover existed in real life, it would be in the form of this 5000 beer can speaker system. Yup. All the beer I drank over the past few years booming different noises right inside my ear as I groggily make sense of what happened to my life.


Why do youuuuu drinkkk? Why dooooo youuuu driiihinnkkk? Why Why Why? That's all my real life hangover would say, sung in Reggae of course. Thank god hangovers can't talk though.

The 5000 beer can speaker system was actually made by Red Stripe as some sort of crazy promotion for their 'Make with a Red Stripe' campaign. It was designed with Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with DJ Al Fingers and Gappy Rank and Matthew Kneebone. The installation stands over 8 feet tall (2.5 meter high) and is made from thousands of beer cans taped together with red tape. So, who drank all the Red Stripe? [YouTube via Geekosystem]

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It's not a sound system. It's a sound sculpture. The difference is that the former is made by an engineer with a sound understanding of the intricacies of how to pressurize the environment with a signal. The latter is made by an artist that has none of the knowledge and intelligence of the engineer but for some reason wants 10 times the amount of money for it.

The work of the engineer seems to be less and less appreciated by the stupid masses (see: death of hifi) while those same masses seem to love the work of the artist. The unwashed masses will proceed to ridicule the engineer for not appreciating repurposed litter and mock his hi-fi loudspeaker designs as audiophile nonsense that nobody can hear.

The engineer will take the criticism in stride and work further on a better future for the very same unwashed masses that ridicule him.