A Brief History of How Emoji Took Over Your Phone

Love 'em or hate 'em, emoji are an integral part of internet culture and they're only increasing in popularity. But despite their ubiquity, they're a relatively recent addition to the digital world—and this video explains their short but successful life so far.


In fact, they were first created in 1999 by a certain engineer called Shigetaka Kurita who worked for NTT Docomo. Initially, there were just 172 of the little pictures, and they were used on the company's i-mode phone. Later, the Unicode Consortium's hand was forced by Japanese industry to include the little images for completeness.

But when did it all really kick off? When Apple released the first iPhone in Japan and buckled under similar pressure to the Unicode Consortium to include emoji in iOS. In this video Tom Scott explains how that happened—and where the sudden explosion in popularity is now set to lead us. [Computerphile]



Are emojis really taking over everyone's phones? I thought they were just things young girls use because they're cute and young girls like cute things. My niece uses them, but I don't know any adults who do. Other than the happy face thing.