A Brief History of MacBook Redesigns and Upgrades

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Tomorrow we'll see the first fresh MacBooks in almost a year, and likely the first all-new case designs since the arrival of the MacBooks—or before that if you're a stickler, since the MacBook Pro is basically the same as the PowerBook G4, and the MacBook ain't so different from the iBook G4. Check out our timeline of every MacBook update since the lines were introduced to see just how much (or little) has changed since the beginning.


Some notes—these are all stock configurations with prices at the time of release, and specs are only noted when they change. For instance, if the MacBook kept a 60GB hard drive standard for two revisions, you won't see it on the second update on the chart. Click on the image to see the massive full-size chart.[MacBooks on Giz]


LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

See, I love how they look so similar.

On the other hand, can I please get some blue-ray support? Pweeze?

Okay.....so little time left...feels...like...forever!