If you grew up in the ‘80s watching G.I. Joe and playing with the toys, you undoubtedly remember the Rattler, Cobra’s workhorse fighter plane. The original toy version was powered by imagination, but Adam Woodworth’s upgraded version—which actually flies—is instead powered by servos and ducted fan engines.

Illustration for article titled A Brilliant Toy Hacker Turned the iG.I. Joe/i Cobra Rattler Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

Instead of trying to get the re-released version of the toy airborn, which would have required extensive modifications to lighten its plastic fuselage, Woodworth modified an RC version of tge A-10 Warthog, the plane the Rattler toy was based on. That included moving the engines from the tail to atop each wing, and the addition of Cobra graphics and a bright blue paint scheme, which is terrible camouflage when you think about it. It’s no wonder none of Cobra Commander’s schemes ever worked.



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